Code of Friendship

“33” Export Lager is a premium quality lager beer launched into the Nigerian market in 1979. It currently comes in 60cl bottle and 33cl can containing 5% alcohol and is known to offer greater value for less.

“33” export is an international quality lager brewed to satisfy, restore, refresh and reward a man with a generous, approachable and fun loving personality after the end of a day’s endeavor, whether it be the business of making a living or enjoyment of leisure.

The “33” export quality story flows from the carefully selected ingredients like sorghum, malted Barley, hops and sucrose to the strict brewing process, resulting in a well-blended brew that is enjoyed across the country.

Working off a consistent story telling platform of mate-ship. ”33” connects with consumers as the brand that allow friends spend quality time together.

It has become one of the most sought-after beer among Nigerian men and encourages hard working strivers to celebrate friendship everyday

“33” Export Lager is a beer that is brewed with you in mind.

Refreshing Friendship
through the years

33-export beer empty cup

We are committed to responsible drinking



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